Durga Puja Shopping

Sushmita was sitting in her cabin, her mind wandering off to her younger days when she used to be carefree and would go out shopping for puja two months prior to our very own durga puja. As we all know durga puja is a celebration of life and she surely enjoyed those five days. Decking up, making plans with friends, eating out were just a few things she would do with her friends, cousins, parents.

 But this time it was different. She had to shift to the capital city for her work and it was just about 4 months before DurgaPuja. She missed her hometown. She missed her people and she got a leave for only 4 days for the DurgaPuja and what made it worse was she was reaching Kolkata only a night before Shaptami.

Cribbing and crying within herself she was reminiscing the days she would forcefully drag her mom out of the house to walk aroundGariahat and Rash Behari Avenue, Purna Das Road to check out new collections that she would buy to wear for Durga Puja. She is bored and tired of wearing her formals to work and was dearly and eagerly waiting for the Durga Puja as everyone else just to put on her favourite attire – saree.

She loved the “pujoashche” feeling and when shopping her favourite part used to be to observe the others like the didas and the youngsters and how enthusiastically and frantically they would go about selecting attires for their family and themselves. As we all know that a bangali will always remain a bangali at heart no matter how modern we become, Durga Puja is the time when you get to see this as wearing a saree for atleast Ashtami is a must for almost all women – even the ones who handle one and think they might just trip and fall. She loved how every nook and corner of kolkata lit up with advertisements and lightings and food stalls and the building of the pandals and ofcourse the people, the crowd.

Although this time her mom and sister had gone out shopping and she made it a point to use technology to see and suggest what they were buying but she would always at the end of the call miss being their to take in the air. She missed Kolkata, the people, the crowd, going out shopping for the arrival of Ma, the enthusiasm, the energy, the pushing around of people, the excitement.

This blog is by Rukmini Seal (fb.com/rukmini.seal)

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